Pet Urns: Turn pet loss into a beautiful memento of your beloved pet


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Pet Urns: Turn pet loss into a beautiful memento of your beloved pet

After the pet cremation service, you might be wondering what to do with the ashes of your pet. Many bereaved pet parents wish to keep their pet’s ashes in their home as a memento of all the happy times together, or in a pet columbarium where their pets can find a peaceful resting place with other pets.

So, whether you plan on taking your fur baby’s remains home with you or placing them in a crematorium, you should take some time to choose a beautifully crafted pet urn to store their ashes. This is because, although our packages do come with a basic urn, thinking about the available designs and selecting a pet urn is a cathartic experience that helps many pet owners to process the deep grief that inevitably comes with pet loss. You might wish to consider our selection here.

Also, since I am passionate about following the grieving process for a pet, I would also like to guide you through a few of my favourites (please click on the headings to view the urns):

1. Bunny Urn (Black)

As the parent of a really cute, black, sassy rabbit (yes, rabbits have personalities, they aren’t just plushies that breathe), I think that this is the perfect representation of my rabbit because it’s cuddly, round, and always has a smile.

My rabbit is still healthy and quite young (one and a half years old), so hopefully, we still have a long path to travel on before we part ways. But when that day comes, I’ll be using this bunny urn to remember my rabbit.

2. Angel Amethyst 8” Urn

Some people might consider it unnecessarily morbid to keep a pet urn with the pet’s ashes on the mantelpiece. I can understand why they feel that way: they consider these ashes to be a reminder of the presence of death. 

Obviously, I do not feel the same way and hope that you hold the same attitude as myself.

That is why I love this Angel Amethyst pet urn: It’s 8 inches tall which means that it will fit nicely in a bookcase or on the top of a console table alongside photographs of your pet and your pet’s favourite toys, and with its bright purple colour and shiny chrome finishing, it looks like a cheerful sparkling egg and a reminder of happy times in the past, and bright days to come.

3. Lucky Urn

Here (hyperlink to is another of our brightly coloured, cheerful-looking pet urns! 

This Lucky Urn is a rich red with gold accents and gold paw prints to symbolize the paw prints of the pet that has walked this journey with us. It is perfect for the pet parent who wants to keep their pet’s ashes at home as the design will definitely remind you of your pet while still remaining cheerful and bright. 

4. White Heart Brass Urn

This tranquil but elegant white urn is the perfect choice for the pet parent who prefers to leave her pet’s ashes in a pet columbarium. The pet columbarium is oftentimes a serene and quiet place where, nestled in a lush garden, there is a building where the urns are displayed. As such, this off-white urn with gold and bronze paw prints will be a perfect fit for the quiet surroundings of the pet columbarium.

This urn is made of brass, which is a durable metal, as such you can be sure that it is made to last. 

In addition, this urn is shaped like a heart and is mounted on an unobtrusive brass frame, so that the pet’s ashes can rest in a way that echoes the way our pet’s spirit rests in our hearts. 

5. Silver Gold Brass Urn

This is another muted and understated design that will find its fans among pet parents who plan on bringing their pet’s ashes to a pet columbarium, or maybe just need an urn that will in with a muted home decor.

The metallic colours and textures of this urn are evocative of earth, organic materials and also, precious things that last forever, and looking at the shiny shades of silver and goldwill definitely calm the heart of any grieving pet parent as they can envision their pet’s ashes resting in a secure and quiet place where they will be at peace forever. 

6. Pink brass urn

Alright, you might be thinking, you have looked at the above suggestions and feel that the purple and red urns are too bright to fit in with your home decor, and yet the white and silver urns are too funerary and sombre to express the playful and lively spirit of the pet that has shared your life. Well, worry not, as we have an option that slots nicely between being vibrant and quiet.

Our pink brass urn is a great choice if you want something warm-toned and organic-looking without being distracting, or not matching home furnishing that have a neutral hue. 

This urn has a nice, rounded shape that fits nicely in your hands and of just the right size to fit on a book case or on a display shelf, and it is adorned with paw prints that evoke the sense of the departed pet playing in the land beyond the Rainbow Bridge. 

7. Cat Urn (Pink)

This urn is perfect for the bereaved paw parents of a cat. The warm pink hue of this urn evokes the warm fuzzies that your pet brought you, and with its cuddly oval shape, cat ears, and smile, it even looks like a cat. On your shelf or in a pet columbarium, this urn will evoke memories of your cat standing and watching your daily activities or sleeping while standing up. 

So, these are my personal seven favourite pet urns! I hope that this article has helped you mentally plan what you will do with your own pet’s ashes, and I would be really tickled if my article has helped you pick out your very own pet urn. 

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