The Benefits of Pet Cremation in Singapore


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The Benefits of Pet Cremation in Singapore


For many pet parents in Singapore, pet cremation might be a new concept, or even an idea that they have never heard of before. We spend most of our time as pet parents pondering the benefits of different brands of pet food or different vets, but we only think about how to deal with the death of the pet when it happens. In this blog I’d like to discuss the benefits of pet cremation in SG so that you, a pet parent, can plan ahead for what to do on the occasion of pet loss

Space Limitations

In land-scarce Singapore, pet burial is not allowed on public land and pet cemeteries do not exist as space is at a premium. According to the National Environmental Agency, burial of a pet’s body is allowed, but only if the pet parent buries the pet on a private compound that they own, and ensure that the body does not present a public health nuisance or threat. As such, pet cremation is the way to go as most Singaporeans do not have access to a private compound, and even the owner of a landed property would be hard pressed to arrange a burial that fits the standards of National Environmental Agency.

It is more hygienic than burial

  1. Burial needs to be on private land and the burial must not result in public health nuisance or threat.
    In Singapore, we need to follow some rules governing how to dispose of the bodies of animals. According to National Environmental Agency, the bodies of small pets, such as hamsters, birds, and mice can be disposed of in common waste, which will be taken to the Waste-To-Energy plant to be incinerated.
  2. However, the bodies of larger pets like cats or dogs cannot be disposed of in common waste as the Waste-To-Energy plant is not equipped to handle incinerating them. If you are the owner of a private compound (ie. a landed property with a garden), you can bury the pet. However, if you wish to proceed with burial, you need to do so in your own private compound and ensure that it does not result in a public health nuisance or threat. 

The cremation is a chance to grieve the pet

  1. Societal attitudes can make pet loss an isolating event
     In Singapore, cultural norms do not acknowledge animals as sentient beings who have personalities and relationships. As such, pet cremation in SG allows you to have the chance to devote a time and place to a mourning ritual and a ceremony to say goodbye to your pet.
  2. There are three different variants of pet cremation available in Singapore, choose the one that conforms to how you want your grieving process to go

    • Communal pet cremation: This is the most affordable option. The pet will be cremated with the bodies of other pets, so it’s not possible to attend the pet cremation service, and it is not possible to recover the ashes.
    • Individual pet cremation is like a midpoint between communal and private cremation. It allows for the ashes of the pet to be recovered but it is not possible to attend the cremation.
    • With private cremation, you are able to attend the pet cremation service and to recover the ashes. Many pet parents opt for this because the service comes with a pre-cremation viewing of the body, and afterward, they can watch the cremation process. To many, this is a cathartic process and they choose to bring mementos such as their pet’s favourite toys to personalize the area.
    • So, you can view pet cremation as a chance to fully process your grief, celebrate the life of your pet, and bid him farewell.

The ability to personalize the memorial

  1. So, if you wish to keep the pet’s ashes, there are more benefits to pet cremation in SG down the line, as now, you can make choices on how you want to store the ashes.
    Due to the increasing popularity of pet parenthood and the increasing acknowledgement of the importance of pets in our lives, you can find a multitude of pet urns on sale, in pet shops, pet crematoriums, or on the websites of artisans. As such, it is easy to find a pet urn which will emphasize the unique personality of your departed pet, and you can store the ashes in the urn and keep it in a safe place in your home.
  2. You can also keep the ashes in a pet columbarium

    • Pet columbariums are typically serene, quiet, and park-like places where your fur-baby can rest in peace and be with the other departed pets. You can also visit your departed pet from time to time, and soak in the atmosphere of the pet columbarium, and maybe even hear a familiar meow, bark, or chirp in the movement of the tree branches.


Pet loss is a very sad occasion in the life of every pet parent. I know many pet parents who fondly and sadly remember their pets from decades ago. Undoubtedly, a pet becomes a deeply rooted part of your life and one of the sad things about having a pet is that they will almost certainly die before you. However, I do hope that in this article, I have introduced you to how pet cremation in SG can help you celebrate the life of your pet and process the grief of losing him.

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