Pet Cremation as an eco-friendly approach in land-scarce singapore


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Pet Cremation as an Eco-Friendly Approach in Land-Scarce Singapore

In this blog post, I would like to share the ways in which pet cremation in SG is more ecofriendly than pet burial. Some pet parents might strongly wish to bury their pets and might have the ability to bury their pets. However, I strongly believe that even if a pet parent has a private property with a piece of land in which they can bury their pet, it is still a far better idea to cremate the pet.

Here is a list of these ways:

Pet cremation is cheaper than burial

Pet cremation in SG usually runs between $100 to $250. So, people who own a private compound might think its expensive and consider burying their pet because they do not have to pay money to bury the pet on their own piece of land. However, when burying the animal, they do need to consider buying the equipment to dig a grave, buying a gravestone to mark the site, and possibly also research and buy the other types of equipment that are needed to ensure the hygiene of the gravesite.

The peace of mind that comes with letting a professional handle the pet cremation is great

Pet cremation in SG allows for peace of mind, as all pet crematoriums in Singapore must hold a license and have regular safety and hygiene inspections. As such, the pet parent can be assured that the pet’s remains will be cremated in a hygienic way, using equipment that is up-to-date. 

Pet burial is also extremely inconvenient:


      1. Then the pet parent chooses to bury their pet, they must do so on their own piece of land, as there are no pet cemeteries in Singapore. As such, they are very much on their own and do not have the help of trained professionals to help with any issue that might arise.
      2. As mentioned above, the National Environmental Agency has strict rules regarding the manner in which the pet is buried. The pet parent must ensure that there is no threat to public health, and this is a really wide umbrella that covers many situations and edge cases. Who could possibly be responsible for all that? 

      Pet cremation bears no risk of groundwater contamination 

      One big concern regarding pet burial is the risk of water pollution. The pet’s body releases chemicals and pathogens when it decomposes in the ground, and this will leach into groundwater when it rains.

      It is difficult to bury the pet in a manner that does not contaminate groundwater. As such, pet cremation is definitely recommended over pet burial in SG. This is because when the pet is cremated in a pet crematorium, the crematorium uses technologically advanced facilities to minimize any pollution and carbon emissions.

      There will be no risk of your pet being an infectious disease risk to wildlife

      Another drawback of pet burial is the fact that the body of the pet may cause disturbance to wildlife and attract unwanted visitors.

      If the pet died of a disease, the body of the pet may be infectious and the disease may jump to any wild animals that come into contact with the body or with the products of the decomposition of the body. 

      There will be no risk of your pet being dug up by scavengers

      In addition, in Singapore, there are some animals that might be attracted to the body of the pet, and dig it up to scavenge. It is extremely undesirable for this to happen, as the effect would be that the body parts of the pet are scattered all over the place and need to be gathered up and reburied (or cremated this time). Decomposing bodies are a public health threat and if you are dealing with having to rebury or clean up the decomposed remains of the animal, then you might have to call a professional cleaner, in addition to the trauma of having to see your pet in this state.

      There is no risk that you did not dig deep enough and now have to rebury

      If you are still determined to bury your pet in your compound, so that he can be near you, please note that you will have to dig a hole that is sufficiently deep. Based on the experiences of people who have buried pets, usually three or four feet is needed for peace of mind and reassurance that the body will not be dug up by pests. Sometimes, if the hole is not sufficiently deep, the body can be exposed after rain, and in Singapore, it rains hard quite often. If the body has not been buried sufficiently deep in the ground, it will have to be dug up and reburied. This is an unpleasant process, because after some time has elapsed, the decomposition process will be far along enough to cause the body to liquify, meaning that it cannot be picked up without falling apart.


      Ultimately, pet loss is an extremely personal experience and all pet parents will want to personalize their pet loss experience. However, it is far more advantageous to opt for pet cremation in a country like SG, and it is possible to personalize the pet cremation process.ingapore

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